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Penworthy Bear's photo albums
Penworthy Bear says, "While I try to avoid the lime light, I often find myself the center of attention. (Maybe it's my large size.) Take a look at my photo albums to see what an impact I've had on historic events and what I've been up to recently."

Throughout historyRecent activities

Penworthy Bear's treasure chest
Penworthy Bear says, "My librarian friends tell me that they are as busy as ever these days. I try to help out when I can, so I put together a few fun activities for kids. You're welcome to use the activities with the kids in your school or library. Just click on the activity you would like to use and print as many copies as you need."

Summer Reading: Fizz, Boom, Read!
 Archeologist Words
First FactsFizz Boom Read BW Scientist Bear Spot the DifferenceFizz Boom Read Certificate
 Fizz Boom Read Coloring Page
Fizz Boom Read Criss CrossFizz Boom Read Inventors QuotesFizz Boom Read Jokes
 Fizz Boom Read Maze
Fizz Boom Read Microscope QuizFizz Boom Read Observation WordsFizz Boom Read Science Journal
 Fizz Boom Read Science Test
Fizz Boom Read ScientistsFizz Boom Read Word SearchInventors Who Dream
 One World Word Scramble
Space Bear
 Back-to-School Jokes
Back-to-School Word SearchBack-to-School Word Search KeyBe Creative Coloring Page
 Friends Forever Snowflakes
School Supply ScrambleSudoku (Easy)Sudoku (Hard)
 Sudoku Key (Easy)
Sudoku Key (Hard)Sports FanaticTreehouse Spot the Difference
 Treehouse Spot the Difference Answer Key
Fund Raising
 Adopt-a-book program
Adopt-A-Book CertficateAdopt-A-Book PostersAdopt-A-Book Registration Forms
 Adopt-A-Book Letter
Adopt-A-Book Press ReleaseBirthday Book Club ProgramBirthday Book Club Certificate
 Birthday Book Club Posters
Birthday Book Club Registration FormsBirthday Book Club LetterBirthday Book Club Press Release
 Park Bear 'Donated by' label Avery 5164
Park Bear 'Donated in honor of' label Avery 5164Park Bear 'Donated by, in honor of' label Avery 5164
 Reading Tree 'Donated by' label Avery 5164
Reading Tree 'Donated in honor of' label Avery 5164Park Bear 'Donated by' label Avery 5164Park Bear 'Donated in honor of' label Avery 5164
 Park Bear 'Donated by, in honor of' label Avery 5164

Coloring pages
 Beach Bear
Be Creative Poster Coloring PageCaptain Bear Coloring PageCartwheel Bear
 Creative Bear Coloring Page
Detective BearDig into Reading! Coloring PageDig into Reading! Fill the Treasure Chest landscape
 Dream Coloring Page
Flying BearDig into a Book Coloring PageInnertube Bear Color page
 Picnic Bear
Stay busy, Read!Tackle a Good BookWinter Bear
 Winter Fun

Door hangers
 Knight Bear
Trail Bear

 Detective Bear Hard
Detective BearDig into Reading! MazeDream Big Maze
 Gone Fishing Maze
Penworthy BearReturn the BooksTrail Bear Maze

Reading Certificates
 Be Creative Reading Certificate
Detective Bear B/WDetective Bear ColorDig into Reading Certficate
 Dream Big Certificate
Knight Bear B&WKnight Bear ColorMake a Splash Reading Certificate
 One World Certificate
Picnic Bear B&WPicnic Bear Color

Word Games
 Animal Scramble
Animal Scramble KeyAnimal Word FindBe Creative Criss-Cross
 Be Creative Criss Cross Key
Be Creative Word SearchBe Creative Word Search KeyBug Search
 Detective Bear Message
Detective Bear Message KeyDig into Reading! Word SearchInsect Word Scramble
 Knight Bear Crossword
Library WordsearchMadlib AdventureMake a Splash Word Search
 Make a Splash Word Search Key
One World Word SearchPaws CrosswordPaws Crossword Key
 Reading Bug Word Search
Reading Bug Word Search KeyTrail Bear Word Puzzle

Other activities
 Be Creative Fun Facts
Be Creative JokesBe Creative MemoryBe Creative Writing Prompts
 Bear Mask
Bug RiddlesCartwheel BearDesign Your Own Mask
 Detective Badges
Detective Bear PuzzleDetective Bear SearchDetective Bear Search Key
 Dig into Reading Connect the Dots
Dig into Reading! Activity IdeasDig into Reading! JokesDig into Reading! Look and Find
 Dig into Reading! Writing Prompts
Dream Catcher CraftDream HaikusDream Iron-on
 Dream Sleep Mask
Dream Spot DifferenceDream Make a WishFamous Sites
 Find Big Dreams
Finish the PictureFishbowlFishbowl Friends for Older Children
 Fishbowl Friends for Young Children
FishFlakes - AdvancedFishFlakes - BeginnerFlat Penworthy
 Flying Bear
Jungle Bear RiddleKnight Finger PuppetsMake a Splash Fun Facts
 Make a Splash Jokes
Make a Splash Memory GameMap QuizNighttime Jokes
 One World Quiz
One World Fun FactsOne World PassportOne World Spot Diff
 One World Square Off
Origami SailboatOrigami TortoisePaws Greeting Card
 Picture Frame
Spot The DifferenceSpot the DifferencesSpot the Differences Answer Key
 Spot the Difference - Dig into Reading!

You'll need Acrobat Reader to download and print the activities. Click on the Adobe icon to download Acrobat Reader if your computer doesn't already have it.

Download Acrobat Reader

Penworthy Bear's scheduled appearances
Penworthy Bear says, "I often travel across the U.S. to visit with my librarian friends and meet new friends. Here's my schedule for upcoming events. I hope to see you there!"

Public Library Association, Booth#: 1148 • Indianapolis, IN • Mar. 12-14, 2014
Texas Library Association, Booth#: 1234 • San Antonio, TX • Apr. 8-11, 2014

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